Complementary Therapies

At Tranquilstate, we provide treatments for all occassions

Complimentary Therapies
This is luxurious facial which is enhanced by the healing properties of carrier and essential oils. You may choose from our selection of aromatic blends or have your therapist tailor a blend just for you, including
Relaxing: Lavender and Sweet Orange, Stimulating Rosemary and Lemon, or an Energising blend.
£25.00 (30 mins)
Blended essential aromatic oils tailored to stimulate the lymphatic and limbic systems cleansing and creating a feeling of enhanced well-being.
£65.00 (60 mins)
£90.00 (90 mins)
A stimulating, rejuvenating massage treatment working along the meridian lines and stretching the body, it restores the natural chi energy balance to the body.
£65.00 (60 mins)
£90.00 (90 mins)
The revitalising transfer of heat and energy from the lava basalt stones produces a deeply relaxing trance like state.
£80.00 (60 mins)
Focusing on the pressure points of the feet, your therapist will restore your body’s natural balance through working the reflexology meridian lines.
£40.00 (45 mins)
This treatment starts off with a vitalising, skin softening foot scrub and an intensive moisturising of the feet for a deeply relaxing full foot reflexology treatment, working with the reflexology meridian lines to restore the body’s natural energy balance.
£60.00 (60 mins)
The Hopi candle is inserted into the ear and a vacuum effect is created. The natural, gentle movement gently massages the eardrum. This treatment is ideal for relief of sinus/congestion/pressure and the removal of excessive/compacted ear wax, aiding and improving hearing. (Good for flight crew and divers)
£50.00 (60 mins)
We have a full range of retail products to support your home regime, just ask Sylvester your therapist.