Male Massage in London

A wide range of massage treatments are offered from stimulating sports to gentle deeply relaxing treatments.

Buy a course of any 5 massages and get 1 free.

All of our male therapists are highly qualified and experienced, we do a brief consultation on all clients. If you are unsure which treatment to choose from, you can email we will be happy to help you select the correct treatment to meet your requirements.

Clients are required to have a shower before coming for a massage treatment. If you need to have a shower we can provide that facility for you at a little extra cost. Just ask when you call to book your appointment

Please note: If you would like to have a double massage, you and someone else this needs to be booked in advance.

We also offer massage workshops for single, couples & groups for more information.




Blended essential aromatic oils tailored just for you to stimulate the lymphatic and limbic systems cleansing & creating a feeling of enhanced well-being.

£65.00 (60mins)
£90.00 (90mins)


A stimulating, rejuvenating massage treatment involving working along the meridian lines and stretching the body, it restores the natural chi energy balance to the body.

£65.00 (60mins)
£90.00 (90mins)


This treatment is designed for those with an active life style. Great for dispersing lactic acid build up, relieving muscle tension and aching muscles too. Perfect for both pre or post exercise a practical yet indulgent treatment.

£65.00 (60mins)
£90.00 (90mins)

Deep Tissue

This is designed for those who prefer a deeper, firmer massage and those engaged in physical activities or active gym routines. Excellent for the relief of aching tired muscles.

£65.00 (60mins)
£90.00 (90mins)

Anti-Stress Relief

Spend time to unwind with a soothing massage, using light and medium massage pressures to gently take away your stresses and strains of everyday living.

£55.00 (60mins)

Lymphatic Drainage

Helps rejuvenate and improve the health of the skin by flushing, clearing fluids and impurities trapped within the tissue. Channels impurities, from the facial area into the lymphatic branches to drain away pockets of water and trapped toxins.

£60.00 (60mins)

Back Neck & Shoulder

A deep and relaxing treatment for relief of stress and muscular tension, to back, neck and shoulders

£35.00 (30mins)

Hot Stone full Body Therapy

Experience the revitalising transfer of heat and energy from the lava basalt stones. A deeply relaxing sensation, that places the body in a trance like state whilst healing.

£70.00 (60mins)
£100.00 (90min)

Massage for Two

Kick back, relax and escape with a friend or loved one with our couples massage. Two people can enjoy their massage experience side by side. A perfect way to spend some Quality time together. For that special occasion, Anniversaries, Valentines or Birthday or just for a treat

This treatment requires advanced booking.

60min for £160.00 (priced per couple)

Tranquilstate Signature Tantra Treatment

A specialist Massage treatment that unites the mind and body, reawakening your inner self and providing the ultimate full body treatment experience.

This allows you to experience your natural responses, releasing all the built up tension, pressures and stresses held within the body. This is a highly specialised treatment. Please call for further treatment details. Both one off treatment and courses are available.

Treatment includes Consultation & Shower if needed. Please feel free to use our Contact form for additional information on the above treatment.

£100.00 (60mins)
£150.00 (90mins)

“Thanks for a really great sensuous massage. It was something really unique and took me to depths of relaxation that I’ve never been before… I’ll certainly be back for more! You must be London’s best kept secret!” Jide – Pimlico

All massage treatments are done by male therapists.

We have a full range of retail products to support your home regime, just ask your therapist.