Hands and Feet

Hands are one of most noticed parts of the body. Your hands will show it. Pamper your hands and feet, a wonderful experience to be enjoyed.
They reveal more about our lifestyle than nearly anything else does. What are your hands telling others about you? We can make sure that your hands are in the best possible condition to reflect your style and personality.

Hand Treatment

A manicure with intense therapy for overly dehydrated, dry parched hands, along with soothing paraffin wax dip / oil treatment and pressure point massage.


“Thanks for converting my builders hands for my wedding. The paraffin wax transformed my hands. My wife loved it and I scored major brownie points!” Bryan – Builder

Foot Treatment

Cuticle Work / Nail trim / Shape / Exfoliation / Sweet Almond Hot Oil / Foot & Leg Massage


“I now have the feet of an infant! Soft & silky smooth. Thank you” John – Nurse


Focusing on the pressure points of the feet, your therapist will restore your body’s natural balance through working the reflexology meridian lines.


Deluxe Reflexology

This treatment starts off with a vitalising, skin softening foot scrub preparing and intensively moisturising the feet for a deeply relaxing full foot reflexology treatment, working on the reflexology meridian lines to restore the body’s natural energy balance.


We have a full range of retail products to support your home regime, just ask your therapist.