Dermalogica Facial

At Tranquilstate, we offer a selection of skin care treatments that have been tailored to suit the needs of every skin type. Whether for treating problem skin, restoring balance, hydration or combating the effects of stress & the environment, we can recommend the precise skin care regime to meet your needs. We may use electrical modalities such as high frequency or galvanic. High frequency is known for it’s germicidal, decongesting, stimulating & energising action. Galvanic is for deep cleansing and for product penetration.


New Active Resurface 35

Is a course of 6 treatments plus it includes a complimentary facial. Active Resurface 35 is an advanced 45min resurfacing treatment that in corporates the most advanced cosmetic ingredients available. It is specifically tailored to your individual skin care needs, and concerns providing intense resurfacing stimulates cell renewal and is suitable for the following issues:

  • Premature aging / sun damage / fine lines & wrinkles
  • Pigmentation / uneven skin tone
  • Dehydration especially for guys who shave
  • Congestion
  • Dryness / flakiness

This treatment does not cause tissue damage or peeling and inflammation which is generally associated with intense resurfacing treatments. Because of the fast recovery time subsequent treatments can be undertaken in as little as one week.For optimal results we recommend a course of 6 treatments.

Treatment time is (45min) for 55.00 – Course of 6 is £330.00 with a free treatment.

Hydro-Plus treatment is calming to the skin and is complimentary for clients undergoing the course of 6 Active Resurface 35 treatments. This treatment hydrates and stabilises the skins natural barrier function. The Treatment maybe taken at anytime during or at the end of your course of treatments, your skincare therapist will advise you.


Tranquilstate Express Facial Skin Treatment

This introductory facial includes a cleanse & skin analysis to determine your skin type followed by exfoliation, toning, moisturising & suncreen protection. This treatment is ideal for first timers & men on the move.

£25.00 (30min)


Dermalogica Prescription Facial Skin Treatment

Our range of skincare treatments is tailored to suit the needs of every skin type. Whether to treat problem skin, acne, restore balance, hydrate or to combat the effects of stress or the environment. We will analyse your skin and provide you with the product match to enhance and maintain a bright,healthy complexion. We will provide you will the skincare regime that meets your individual needs. Following your treatment, detailed aftercare advice for home follow up will be provided.

We are a Dermalogica studio and offer the full range of products including introductory starter kits.

Prescription Facial £40.00 (45min)

Prescription Facial £50.00 (60min)


Multi-Vitamin Power Facial Treatment

For the latest in vitamin repair and hydroxy acid exfoliation, try our most popular anti-ageing treatment. Designed to target the problems associated with ageing, improving skin elasticity, tone, texture and providing noticable results after one treatment.

£35.00 (60min)


Acne /Congested – MediBac Clearing Treatment

Breakouts have finally met their match! Our (New) medibac clearing treatment will focus on purifying your skin and targeting current blemishes while helping to prevent future breakout activity.

£40.00 (75min)


Rosacea Environmentally Sensitive & Sensitised Skin Treatments

Rosacea is a progressive, inflammatory vascular disorder it is recognised as a skin condition. It normally affects the forehead, cheeks and sometimes the whole of the face and is recognised as flushing & blushing facial erythema. Treatments are available alleviate the syptoms and improve the appearance.

£30.00 (35min)


Intensive Cleansing Back Treatment

This back scrub followed by a calming seaweed / mud mask draws impurities out of the skin, deeply cleanses, balances and normalises problem areas, whilst improving the appearance of blemished skin followed by a relaxing back massage.

£40.00 (40min)


Aromatherapy Facial

A luxurious facial which is enhanced by the healing properties of carrier and essential oils. You choose from our selection of aromatic blends or have your therapist tailor a blend just for you: Relaxing: Lavender & Sweet Orange: Stimulating Rosemary & Lemon Energising blend to get you up and going.