Last week I had an enjoyable and rejuvenating, package & grooming session at Tranquilstate. It was my second visit, the first one having been 5 years ago. I was prompted into booking this second visit when an online search engine came up with the name. Knowing that second and subsequent visits rarely live up to the promise of first ones, I was keen to book a session and put myself again into Sylvester’s hands to see whether the standards and the quality that I remembered from my first visit had been maintained. I was not disappointed.

With the memories of my first visit in mind, I had a steam bath, then a seaweed body wrap and then a relaxing massage and a facial. I was in the treatment studio for about 2 hours. Sylvester was as I remembered him – urbane, charming, paying attention to detail and keen to ensure that I was put at my ease and I enjoying the treatment. Everything was done in a leisurely, unhurried pace and there was none of that keeping an eye on the clock that you can sometimes get in other places. At the end, Sylvester gave me a cup of tea. During my first visit, he had provided a plate of ham salad at the end, but I asked him not to do the same this time. Instead, just a cuppa was enough to send me content out into the rain feeling fully relaxed and a new man into the bargain. The price Sylvester charged me for this second visit was very competitive. In addition, Sylvester kindly offered to drive me to the station. I will certainly be looking to book a third visit and hopefully not have to wait 5 years before I return!

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