How Do I Get A Great Shave? Is a man’s skin really different?

Mens skin is different from a woman’s, regardless of age, men have a higher collagen density than a woman and is coarser and thicker.

Male skin appears better hydrated than female skin, as male sweat secretions have a higher content of Lactic Acid.

Perhaps the greatest difference is the appearance of facial hair, triggered by puberty and followed by the introduction of shaving.

Shaving is a form of exfoliation that may cause irritation, razor burn, ingrown bumps and can compromise the skin’s protective barrier causing dryness, sensitisation and the signs of premature ageing.

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The top three offenders

Ingrowing hairs, razor burn and heavy beard growth are the top three shaving concerns affecting skin health.   Ingrown hairs Triggered when the hair is cut & doubles back growing back into the follicle.   Razor burn Results from using a blunt razor, shaving too closely, too quickly, dry shaving or without adequate shaving lubricant. It can also be caused by incorrect shaving such ads shaving against the hair growth before have shaved with causing scaping and tugging of the skin.The pattern and texture of the beard varies too between etnicities and this demands specific appraoches.

Tips on getting a great shave

It is essential to shave in the same direction the hair shaft grows initially but subsequently over the same area can be against the direction of growth. The hair may grow in different directions over the face and also on the neck. Determine your growth pattern by:   Shaving, then waiting approximately 1 to 3 days.   Running your hand over beard growth area to establish the direction of growth. With a heavy or coarse beard, it is okay to shave against the grain, but only once after first shaving with the grain, after which the hair is shorter and less likely to curl back in on itself. Proper pressure prevents cuts, razor burn, irritation and redness. Applying too much pressure doesn’t produce a close shave, only irritation. A regular constant motion when shaving with short consistent strokes and regular rinsing of the blade is best.

Treatment for results

If the skin is healthy then shaving problems are lessened. Regular skincare treatments can maintain the skins health, vitality and vigour together with professional advice and guidance on prevention and home maintainace too.   Pre-shave: Use a quality Pre-shave product to cleanse skin, soften the beard and helps prevent razor bumps.   Shave: Regardless of the medium used; gel, cream, water soluble or oil the shaving medium must protect skin’s natural moisture barrier, help lift and soften beard and protect the skin from irritation. from friction.   Post-shave: It is important to and soothe the skin and close open follicles (to prevent the introduction of infection) and preventing further sensitisation.

Choose your medium by beard type:

Heavy / Coarse / Curly beard This requires a pre shave to soften and lift the hair follicles. Asensive skin product is recommended. Average / Light beard Choose your shaving product based upon your favourite medium: Cream: Soothing Shave Gel: Invigorating Shaving Gel Oil: Close Shave Oil Choose your shaving medium by skin condition: Oily all over / Invigorating Shave Gel Normal / Cream Soothing Shaving Cream: Gel Invigorating Shave Gel: Oil: Close shave oil. Dry and tight / Soothing Shave Cream. If you have a goatee / beard or moustache then a close shave oil will provide the best result. Your Therapist will advise you on the most appropriate skin care regime for individual presentation and can offer the most appropriate products for your skin type to maintain optimal skin health. Call now on 0793 131 9358 or click to Contact Us for your Skin care consultation