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An exfoliate is any agent that removes dead skin cells and triggers new cells to push towards the skin’s surface. Exfoliates can be physical, chemical or both, and usage is dependent upon individual skin care and skin therapist’s advise on usage.

Physical exfoliates

Chemical exfoliates dissolve the intercellular ‘glue’ that attaches cells to the surface. Hydroxy acids, Salicylic acid, retinol, and enzymes (proteins that break the chemical bonds of older cells and ‘digest’ them) are examples of chemical exfoliates.

Glycolic Acid was the first hydroxyl acid to be used in a cosmetic application and is still widely-used despite a high incidence of skin irritation. Lactic and Salicylic acids, which are now the choice of leading skin care professionals because they deliver the same level of results with considerately less irritation and they have anti-inflammatory properties.

What about over-exfoliation?

Research at the International Dermal Institute indicates as series of exfoliation treatments can be much more effective than one very aggressive ‘lunchtime’ procedure. In fact, any skin treatment including exfoliation that causes skin to become red and irritated is triggering the inflammatory responses, which in turns accelerates premature aging.

Exfoliation treatments consist of an intensive double cleanse to ensure all traces of moisturisers, sunscreen, and debris has been removed from the skin. Skin analysis will then determine use of chemical or physical exfoliates (or even a combination of both), and possibly using brushes to optimise the exfoliate action. After your skin is exfoliated, your skin therapist will apply hydrating, brightening and or purifying treatments. If treatment is performed in the day, sunscreen must be applied to shield and protect the skin.

Exfoliation & SPF

It is important to apply sun protection (daylight defence) to protect the skin, as the sensitivity of the skin is increased by the exfoliation process. You should continue to wear protection every day to shield and Your Tranquilstate Therapist will advise you of the most appropriate skin care regime for individual presentation and can offer the most appropriate aftercare products to maintain optimal skin health.rotect the skin from further UV light damage.

Your Therapist will advise you on the most appropriate skin care regime for individual presentation and can offer the most appropriate products for your skin type to maintain optimal skin health. Call now on 0793 131 9358 or click to Contact Us for your Skin care consultation