December Special Offer 2014

New Active Resurface 35

Is an advanced 45min resurfacing treatment that incorporates the most advanced cosmetic ingredients available. It is specifically tailored to your individual skin care needs, and concern’s providing intense resurfacing stimulates cell renewal and is suitable for the following issues:

• Premature aging / sun damage / fine lines & wrinkles
• Pigmentation / uneven skin tone
• Dehydration especially for guys who shave
• Congestion
• Dryness / flakiness

This treatment does not cause tissue damage or peeling and inflammation which is generally associated with intense resurfacing treatments. Because of the fast recovery time subsequent treatments can be undertaken in as little as one week. We are offering a one off treatment so you can try

Treatment time is (45min) for normally price of £55.00 going this month for the special price of £40.00

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